A Smashing Tool for Color Professionals

SmashX Design lifts every design project to the next level. It’s your digital color card, and it fits in any pocket. The color visualiser and easy project filing enable the professional to act as a color consultant, present various designs and manage the projects in a highly effective manner.

Product Information

Match color

Scan any inspirational item using a color sensor to find the perfect color match or select a color manually from the collection. No more searching through paper fan decks with thousands of colors.

Match in seconds.

Quick and accurate color impressions and ability to provide additional information per color such as fan deck page or light reflectance values.

Color Sensors.

Designed for a Color Sensor.

Scan any inspirational object or sample and find the best matching color in milliseconds.

Scan Color Codes.

Find Color Codes in a Glimpse.

Do you happen to have a printed color code? Scan it with the camera feature.


Not everyone thinks in color. Show design ideas to clients before starting.


Realistic color.

smashes the benchmark for color approximation. SmashX visualization technology takes lighting conditions into account to intelligently generate very close approximations of the end result.

Create a design project

Draw the complete picture for each project by filing color with photos and notes.

Keep track.

The Design app automatically adds date and location to each project, that will help you keep track.


Make it yours

We created SmashX Design as a white label app to fit your business. An easy onboarding process allows you to create your own branded app.

Customize brand icon, app name, color databases
Can be made available in any language
For iOS and Android phones and tablets
Import your own color and product libraries (CSV/Excel)
Detailed insight in how & where your app is used and trending colors
Optional home screen with blog articles and videos

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